Personal Training

How do you get the performance you want, and the body you want without it being such a chore?  All it takes is a change of focus and the right structure to help you succeed.

Are you ready to lose weight? Transform your shape? Having a hard time sticking to a training program? Are you just looking to get the support and motivation to better yourself? John has been at the forefront of Personal Training for the past 27 years and is here to help you achieve your fitness goals.

The most effective way of achieving your goals is to sign up for 1- 2 -1 personal training and get a tailored workout program customized for your unique goals. John is passionate about the service he provides his clients and is 100% dedicated to helping them make the most out of their time in the gym and quicker results.  Personal training can produce phenomenal results and is a very rewarding experience.


Triathlon Strength Training

The key to your competitive advantage, specifically designed to minimize injury and increase performance 

Are you looking to Improve your Performance for Triathlon?  The right type of strength training (lifting heavy weights, sometimes explosively) can improve exercise economy, lactate threshold, and anaerobic capacity. These are all physiological markers of strength. John has been competing in Sprint Triathlons to full Ironman’s since 2008. He became a Level 1 USAT Certified Coach in 2010 and an Ironman University Coach in 2014. Let John work with you to design an individualized strength training plans based on your unique needs.