Personal Training

1 on 1 Personal Fitness Training


Achieve your fitness goals through a customized workout plan. 

The most effective way of achieving your goals is to sign up for 1 on 1 personal training and get a tailored workout program customized for your unique goals. John is passionate about the service he provides his clients and is 100% dedicated to helping them make the most out of their time in the gym and quicker results.  Personal training can produce phenomenal results and is a very rewarding experience.

Hiring a personal fitness trainer is a great investment! We will safely and efficiently guide you to your fitness goals through a customized workout plan using a Functional Movement-Based Exercise Approach to match your ability, fitness and health goals.

What is Functional Movement Based Exercise Approach?

Functional Movement Based exercise supports the body’s natural way of functioning in which groups of muscles engage in the seven basic functional movement patterns: squat, push, pull, gait, bend, twist, and lunge.  Life is unpredictable and unstable. So why would you develop your training using stable and predictable routines and equipment? Train Movement-Not isolated Muscles.

Athletic Enhancement Training

The key to your competitive advantage! Specifically designed to minimize injury and increase performance.

In today’s competitive world, winning athletes have to take advantage of sports science and proven training methods.  Specifically designed to minimize injury and increase performance, Athletic Enhancement Training is key to your competitive advantage.  We design individualized training programs for every level based specific demands of your sport, your experience level and specific goals. This training focuses on improving muscular strength and functional core strength, balance, stability, coordination, hip, ankle, and shoulder mobility and stabilization.  It also improves motor skills and overall performance for all sports.


Here's What to Expect:

  • Performing a dynamic warm up to enhance flexibility, improve balance, and prepare the body for training
  • Improving agility to increase quickness and reaction abilities
  • Using plyometrics to improve explosiveness and help prevent injuries
  • Learning the proper techniques to improve speed and agility
  • Core training to strengthen the torso’s stabilizing muscles, which are critical to all athletic movements
  • Workouts using body weight, dumbbells, medicine balls, and elastic tubing
  • Enhancing cardiovascular training geared toward enhancing the overall fitness level and meeting the demands of the athlete’s sport
  • Learning mental toughness that will benefit the athlete in all aspects of life

Running & Triathlon Coaching


Training for your first Ironman, marathon, or you’re just trying to change your lifestyle – we have 3 plans to get you there.

Whether you’re training for your first Ironman, marathon, or you’re just trying to change your lifestyle and complete a sprint triathlon or run a 5K, we are confident in our ability to successfully guide you through training and prepare you for race day.   We create scientifically-based, progressive, and individualized training programs, which facilitate the development of both physical and psychological skills necessary for optimal performance.


Having a coach provides the essential discipline to keep up with training routines as well as the positive reinforcement needed to achieving your goal. We believe that correct technique and bio-mechanics are important to maximize, swim, bike and run efficiency, while minimizing injury

Training plans vary in price depending on the amount of direct coach-athlete interaction desired.

There are three personalized training plans; E-Coaching, Personal Coaching and a combined training plan with personal coaching.

Personal Coaching

Consists of stand-alone, individual instruction and critique for the most effective and efficient sport skill performance and knowledge. $70 Per hour-long session.

To register for a training plan that is built to your specific needs and strengths, Contact Coach Workman or Schedule Now